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  • Nephi Ltd. support and sustain our local business community
  • We support local charities
  • We support local businesses


  • Nephi Ltd. loves our beautiful planet
  • We segregate and recycle all our waste wherever possible
  • We always consider the EPC of all potential real estate investments
  • We will strive to achieve the required EPC threshold earlier than required by law


  • Nephi Ltd. is registered at Companies House in England & Wales,
    number 04751797
  • Our shareholders and directors are all UK citizens
  • We pay all taxes on or before time and in full


  • Nephi Ltd. strive to develop and maintain long term relationships with trusted local suppliers
  • Long term quality is more important than short term price
  • We do not delay payment or seek for retentions
  • We expect all work to be done at a fair price and any warranty work to be sorted out immediately
  • We recognise that all parties need to make a profit
  • We prefer suppliers who actively train their staff, including apprenticeships and professional training, have ISO9001 and are members of professional trade associations